Emma Gómara

My portfolio

Human figure is the main focus of my work.


Part of it is the result of good experiences while snorkeling around the world. The rest comes from observing the individuals in every city I visit.


Trying to focus on the story around a character, most of the times backgrounds are blurred or contain surrealistic elements.


This way we can forget where we are and stay focused in the good vibes.


I preferably express myself through brushes and colors, so here you have a brief description of myself in 5 images:


I don’t like being in a crowd nor am I known for going with the crowd, but I love painting them!


Travelling is a must for me. I’m always thinking about the next trip, the next adventure.


Plants have an important role in my life. I just love them; and yes, I also speak to them.


Time flies when reading and painting. Always curious about new stories and authors!


I was born in a wonderful inner city in Spain, but I need the ocean to charge batteries!

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