Emma Gómara

My portfolio

Human figure is the main focus of my work. I am working now on two big collections.

One is the result of good experiences while snorkeling around the world.

The other comes from observing the individuals in every city I visit.

Trying to focus on the character, most of the times backgrounds are blurred.

You may be one of the people in the paintings! Do you recognize yourself in any? 


I preferably express myself through brushes and colors, so here you have a brief description of myself in 5 images:


I don’t like being in a crowd nor am I known for going with the crowd, but I love painting them!


Travelling is a must for me. I’m always thinking about the next trip, the next adventure.


Plants have an important role in my life. I just love them; and yes, I also speak to them.


As K. Hosseini said «Reading is an active, imaginative act; it takes work.» Same as painting!


I was born in a wonderful inner city in Spain, but I need the ocean to charge batteries! Any ocean!